Wondering what bought me here?


My journey into motherhood wasn’t something out of the ordinary but to those around me and from what I witnessed it was different. I hadn’t seen breastfeeding, or home/ water birth in my family. I hadn’t heard of experiences with midwives and doulas.

I have two amazing children and with them were two different experiences. With my first pregnancy I became ingulfed in all things birth. I wanted to know all that would and could happen. With my own personal feelings about hospitals and doctors the first decision I made was to do my prenatal care in a birthing center with a midwife. I read, watched videos, and attended all the classes. I gave birth non medicated to a healthy baby girl and breastfed her for over a year. The second pregnancy was a planned homebirth with a midwife but around the end of the pregnancy things with my health ruled out that home birth and I had to switch care and deliver in the hospital. Having my midwife by my side still and having my doula; the experience changed my life because the feelings I had, the connections made, helped me more than I knew in that moment.

These experiences birthed Sacred Moments Doula and Lactation services. The things I learned from both of my pregnancies and births made me want to share with anyone who would listen even if they were not pregnant. I want families to know they matter, they have a choice, and I want them to be educated and informed to be able to make those choices. As a holistic doula I pride myself on making sure families are confident in their choices and know they are in charge of their birth story.